Can a DUI Charge Ever Be Expunged in Florida?

Can a DUI ever be expunged in Florida?

A DUI charge can change your life, impacting everything from your job to your driver’s license status. Given the negative connotations that DUIs can have on your background, many ask whether they can be expunged and how to navigate that process. Florida DUI lawyer Robert H. Hanaford has worked with countless clients on their DUI cases, helping them to overcome even the most serious of charges. He may be able to do the same in your situation. 

Understanding what is and is not possible in terms of DUI expungement and best practices for navigating this process is an area in which the Law Office of Robert Hanaford excels. We can provide you with expert legal guidance on the options you have after a DUI charge.  

Can a DUI Charge Be Expunged in Florida?

Florida law stipulates that an expungement is not possible if you have been convicted of a DUI in the Sunshine State. This conviction remains on your record permanently. However, sealing your record may be an option, depending on your case’s circumstances. For instance, if you were acquitted at trial, or your DUI was dismissed or the charges reduced, you may be eligible to have your record sealed. 

In some cases, this is as good as an expungement because it hides the charge from public view, even though it still exists in the system. However, you are typically only eligible for this option if your case falls within the parameters of an acquittal, dismissal, or reduction in charges. This is yet another reason to work with a reputable Florida DUI attorney at the outset of your charges. 

What to Do if You’ve Been Charged With DUI in Florida

If you have been charged with a DUI in Florida, reach out to a Florida DUI lawyer immediately. The more you speak without a lawyer present, the more likely it is that whatever you say will be used against you when/if your case goes to trial. A Florida DUI lawyer can provide you with the best chance to avoid a DUI conviction if you call as soon as possible after an arrest. 

Working with a DUI lawyer from the outset of your case also gives you the best chance of sealing your record once everything has been resolved. While an expungement is not possible, it is crucial that you do everything right from the outset of your case to give yourself the best possible chance of sealing your record later. 

Reach Out to a Florida DUI Lawyer to Learn More About DUI Expungement

Suppose you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Florida and are interested in learning more about expungement and what is possible in terms of your record. In that case, you need a Florida DUI lawyer with experience in this practice area. DUIs can be incredibly complex cases that require a savvy legal strategy to negotiate with the prosecution on these matters. The Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford has the necessary experience and background to give you a fighting chance at beating these charges and perhaps even eradicating them from your record. No two cases are the same, so Mr. Hanaford treats each individual with the compassion and respect they deserve as he tries to work out the best possible approach to their case. 

Start with a free consultation to learn more about how Mr. Hanaford may be able to help you. Reach out to the Law Office of Robert Hanaford by calling (239) 315-9750 today, or contact us online to learn more.

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