Going to Trial vs. Taking a DUI Plea in Florida

Pros and Cons of Going to Trial on a DUI Charge in Florida.

When dealing with the consequences of DUI in Florida, you may not be fully aware of the vast array of options available to you. One of the things that will likely initially be thrown your way is a plea deal from the prosecutor that resolves the issue quickly. However, these deals are not always in your best interest. Naples DUI lawyer Robert H. Hanaford has worked with clients who received a plea deal that provided them with the case outcome they desired and has gone to trial in situations where the plea was not ideal. 

He understands the pros and cons of both and can apprise you of the best avenue for your specific situation. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each option can help you make the most informed decision possible. 

The Pros and Cons of Going to Trial on a DUI Charge

One of the most important things to remember about DUI charges is that there are often extenuating circumstances that may be explored and exposed by a qualified DUI attorney. As such, the pros of going to trial on a DUI charge include: 

  • The full facts of the case will be made clear: In a jury trial, your Florida DUI lawyer will lay bare the full facts and all of the nuance that comes with it. Anything unclear will be made apparent to the jury, which gives you a better chance of correcting any misunderstanding associated with your DUI charge. 
  • You may be acquitted: Going to trial on a DUI charge means that there is a chance that you will be acquitted entirely, meaning that you won’t have a conviction on your record at all. 

Comparatively, the cons of going to trial on this type of charge include: 

  • You run the risk of a guilty verdict: Since you are dealing with the unpredictable nature of a jury, the truth is that you might be found guilty of the charges for which you are being tried. 
  • Trials take time: If what you desire is to put the situation behind you, a trial may not be the best route to take. Trials take time, which means that your case is more likely to drag on longer than you might like. 

Going to trial may give you more of a voice in your case, but this can also result in a jury that does not believe what you are saying or find that they agree with what the prosecution has laid out in terms of their case. 

Pros and Cons of Taking a Plea Deal After Being Arrested for DUI in Florida

Given the extent to which penalties can impact your life in many ways after a DUI, you may be inclined to take a plea deal from the prosecution. The pros of doing so include: 

  • You know what you are facing: With a plea, you will know precisely what the proffered sentence is versus guessing what might come of a trial. 
  • The situation is resolved faster: If you want to resolve the situation quickly and deal with the consequences, accepting a plea from the prosecution allows you to do just that. 

However, there are drawbacks to taking a plea deal in a case like this one. They include:

  • You may not get the best possible result for your case: A plea deal is the first offer made by the prosecution, sometimes even before the full facts of the case are known. The deal you get may not be the one in your best interest. 
  • The punishment might be worse than a jury would determine: The consequences outlined in a plea from the prosecution might be much worse than what you might face in a jury trial, where your innocence might be proven in a court of law. 

These are factors that you have to consider as you decide which avenue to pursue and what will be best for you in the end. 

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Before you consider any avenue placed before you after being arrested for DUI, contact an effective and reliable Florida drunk driving attorney first. The moments after a DUI arrest are typically filled with fear and uncertainty. As a result, you may not be thinking as clearly as you should, and your decisions may be guided by fear. The Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford can help you determine which avenue is the best for you and will garner you the outcome that best serves your future. His experience and know-how of the legal system in the Sunshine State can help instill in you the confidence to choose the legal strategy that not only sets you up best for the future but also mitigates your background from holding you back as you move on with your life. 

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how Mr. Hanaford may be able to help you. Contact the Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford by calling (239) 315-9750, or visit us online to learn more. 

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