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While Americans have the right to bear arms under the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, there are certain laws and regulations that all gun owners must follow. If an individual chooses to violate these laws, they could face harsh penalties. Those convicted may be sentenced to years behind bars and heavy fines. 

If you have been arrested on a gun charge in Naples, Florida, you do not have to fight for justice alone. Attorney Robert H. Hannaford is dedicated to providing top-notch representation to individuals accused of crimes in Naples and the surrounding areas. He is committed to working with you day and night to protect your rights and freedoms. When you partner with our skilled gun crime lawyer, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by an award-winning professional. 

Types of Gun Charges in Naples, Florida

There are many different types of gun charges you may face, each with varying levels of severity. Some of the most common gun charges in Naples include the following:

  • Unlawful possession of a firearm by an individual convicted of a felony
  • Illegal exhibition or discharge of a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a concealed firearm without a permit
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
  • Armed possession of an illegal substance
  • Armed drug trafficking
  • Armed burglary
  • Armed kidnapping
  • Illegally firing or throwing a deadly missile

Since 1982, attorney Robert H. Hanaford has had years of experience defending various types of gun charges in Naples, Florida. After retaining his services, he will consider every detail of your case to craft a defense strategy that takes every angle into account. 

Who is Prohibited From Owning a Firearm in Florida?

One of the most common gun charges in Naples is unlawful possession of a firearm. Certain individuals are prohibited from owning a firearm under state and federal law. Some individuals prohibited from owning a firearm in Florida include the following:

  • Convicted felons
  • Individuals under 21 years of age
  • Individuals who have received treatment at a drug rehabilitation facility within the past three years
  • Individuals with a history of chronically using drugs and alcohol 
  • Individuals committed to a mental institution within the past three years
  • Individuals barred from owning a firearm due to a domestic violence court order

Your attorney can help you determine if these possession laws apply to your case as well as your best path forward. 

Understanding Florida’s 10-20-Life Minimum Sentencing Rule

Florida’s 10-20-Life requires judges to sentence those convicted of gun crimes to a minimum of ten, 20, 25 years, or life behind bars depending on the severity of the crime and if the defendant has prior convictions. Under this law, judges must abide by the following rules:

  • Those found guilty of committing a crime while armed with a firearm must be sentenced to a minimum of ten years in prison.
  • If the individual discharged the firearm during the commission of the crime, they must face a 20-year minimum prison sentence. 
  • If the individual discharged the firearm and killed or seriously wounded another person, the judge must impose a minimum prison sentence of 25 years to life. 

Unfortunately, Florida’s 10-20-Life rule does not allow for leniency based on mitigating factors. Under this law, the only way those charged with a gun crime can avoid decades in prison is to avoid a conviction altogether. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights and interests in the face of these harrowing penalties. 

How Can an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

Since the penalties for gun charges are so severe, it is imperative to have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. A few ways your attorney may be able to help you include the following:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation into your case
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Collecting critical evidence
  • Crafting a solid defense strategy
  • Negotiating with all parties on your behalf
  • Fighting aggressively for your rights inside and outside the courtroom
  • Helping you formulate your plea
  • Guiding you through Florida’s complex criminal justice system
  • Answering your legal questions

Attorney Hanaford is committed to taking a personalized approach to every case so that each client’s defense is tailored to their unique situation. 

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