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Florida’s gun legislation tends to favor gun owners. Even so, residents are expected to abide by state guidelines if they want to avoid fines or imprisonment. For example, if you don’t have a concealed carry license and allegedly carry a firearm into an inappropriate space, you may face legal consequences.

Unfortunately, the police officers or bystanders who accuse you of unlawful concealment and carry may not always interpret your position correctly. Others may accuse you with the intent to cause harm for a perceived slight. In either case, you can work with a concealed weapons defense lawyer at the Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford to challenge the charges brought against you in court.

What Are Florida’s Concealed Carry Laws?

To learn more about Florida’s concealed carry laws, residents can turn to Florida Statute Title XLVI Chapter 790.001. Here, the state that a concealed firearm is a weapon kept out of the easy view of another person.

Specifically, any attempt to obscure a firearm in a person’s clothing, bag, or inappropriate holster may constitute concealed carry throughout Florida. If you do not have a license to obscure a firearm from sight in Florida, carrying a weapon in this manner may see you face criminal charges.

Florida’s concealed carry licenses last for up to seven years from the date they are issued to a qualifying party. Licensees must renew these licenses ahead of their expiration date if they want to continue concealing and carrying a weapon in public. Failure to both renew this license and maintain that license on your person can see you face a $25 fine, according to Florida Statute 790.06.

Exceptions to the Concealed Carry Law

There are parties in Florida who are permitted to carry firearms without licenses in Florida. According to Florida Statute Title XLVI Chapter 790.25, Florida’s National Guard, State Defense Force, peace officers, and other military officials do not need to have licenses to carry concealed weapons. Other parties protected by the aforementioned statute include:

  • Private investigators
  • Bank security
  • Parties at shooting ranges
  • People whose weapons have been wrapped after cleaning or repairs

If you believe the circumstance for which you were charged falls under these or other protected circumstances, you can work with a criminal defense attorney to bring your concerns forward in criminal court.

What Are The Consequences for Violating Florida’s Concealed Carry Laws?

Florida law enforcement can charge the parties accused of concealing a firearm without a license with a third-degree felony. Third-degree felonies can see the accused parties face up to five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000.

If you have an existing criminal record or are engaging in other allegedly illegal behaviors at the time you’re approached by police officers, law enforcement may compound the charges brought against you.

How Can You Challenge an Alleged Concealed Carry Violation?

You can challenge a concealed carry violation through several means, including claiming immunity under the aforementioned exceptions statute. You can also work with an attorney to otherwise claim that police officers misinterpreted your interactions with an alleged weapon.

There may also be a chance that police officers didn’t have a reasonable motivation for pulling you over or otherwise approaching you with legal intent. You can specifically elaborate on the circumstances of your arrest during a case consultation with our team, at which point we can recommend an argument that may suit your circumstances.

Do You Need an Attorney to Challenge a Concealed Carry Violation?

You can defend yourself from an alleged concealed carry violation. However, without a legal foundation to build your case on, your attempt to defend yourself may actually further complicate your case. At a minimum, it is in your best interest to discuss your approach to your case with an experienced attorney before you go to court.

When Should You Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you’re facing charges for allegedly concealing a weapon without a license, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Police officers and state representatives may attempt to skew your attempt to defend yourself alone as admissions of guilt or wrongdoing.

An attorney can step in before anything is taken out of context. In turn, lawyers can make sure that a court considers all of the perspectives from which your case may be addressed and subsequently reduce or waive the charges brought against you.

Get Legal Help From the Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford Today

Florida’s concealed weapons laws tend to favor weapons users. Even so, police officers may still accuse you of concealing a weapon without a license to do so. Should you find yourself facing fines or time in prison as a result of false concealed weapon charges, you need a Naples concealed weapons defense attorney to go to work for you.

You can get in touch with the Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford today to learn more about your charges. Our concealed weapons attorneys in Naples are prepared to stand with you. Call us at (239) 315-9750 or contact us through our online contact form to learn about the defense services we can offer you.


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